In addition to compliance with requirements stated in the application materials, KDHE will consider the following program issues and guidelines:

?         Kansas participation in the waiver program is focused on assisting local communities to assure that their residents have access to needed health care services

?         Application must be made by the legal entity making the contract offer to the physician seeking a J-1 visa waiver, including facilities, institutions, rural health clinics, community health centers, primary care clinics, medical centers, hospitals or private practices located in Kansas

?         Application information and assistance will be provided by the KDHE Bureau of Community Health Systems to a recruitment site when there is a confirmed physician candidate

?         Primary care requests shall be given priority consideration but 50% of the recommendations are available for specialists during the first three months (Oct – Dec) and additional slots released at intervals throughout the remainder of the year if not needed for primary care requests.

Satisfactory recruitment and retention efforts may be documented by:

  • Copies of advertisements
  • List of interviewed candidates and reason not selected
  • Notation and description of limited candidates in the region

Evaluation of unmet need for health care services within the service area or for unmet need in an identified underserved population:

o      Number of practicing primary care physicians (or specialists, include visiting specialists, if applicable)

o      For specialists, agreement of local primary care practitioners that the specialty is needed and support for the current waiver application

o      Utilization data, e.g. number of procedures most commonly performed by specialty being recruited

o      Population to physician ratios, or other measures of underservice for the area

o      Medicaid claims data if necessary to monitor access concerns

o      Waiting times for referrals from safety net providers

o      Past compliance with the program guidelines will be considered

o      For medical school teaching positions, evidence of need shall consist of a letter from the Dean of the University of Kansas School of Medicine certifying that an essential faculty vacancy exists.

o      For health officer positions, evidence of need shall consist of a letter from the Director of the Division of Health in the Kansas Department of Health and Environment certifying that an essential public health vacancy exists.