Record-keeping Requirements for Local

Health Departments

A state refugee health record (Click here for the Refugee Health Assessment Form) is completed on each client and a copy of the form is sent to the State Refugee Health Coordinator. The county health departments receive reimbursement for each complete health assessment, which includes the laboratory screening [TB skin test, hemoglobin, urinalysis, ova and parasite test, hepatitis B screen, hearing and vision screens], health history, immunizations, physical examination performed by a physician, ARNP, or certified Kan-B-Healthy (EPSDT) RN with physical examination skills, referral and follow-up. All clients with positive PPDs are referred to the health department TB program for complete clinical evaluation, prophylaxis, and follow up. A quarterly report of the status of TB testing and follow-up are sent also to the TB program. Other health department referrals are made as appropriate, e.g. WIC, family planning, STD, maternity, and child health.