Kansas State Loan Repayment Program

The Kansas State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) offers eligible health care providers an opportunity to receive assistance with the repayment of their qualifying educational loans in exchange for a minimum two-year commitment to provide health care services at an eligible practice site in a federally designated Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA). The SLRP is jointly funded by the State of Kansas and the Health Resources and Services Administration, National Health Service Corps. Health care providers applying for the Kansas SLRP must be employed by non-profit or public entity which has met Kansas SLRP eligibility requirements.

For learn more about the Kansas SLRP go to State Loan Repayment Program Fact Sheet

Steps to Apply for the Kansas SLRP:
Step 1: Review the State Loan Repayment Program Overview and Guidance Document for detailed program requirements and application instructions. Note: The provider and the practice site must be meet eligibility requirements listed.

Step 2: Entities/Practice Sites not actively enrolled in the National Health Service Corps must submit the SLRP Practice Site Eligibility Verification Form and supporting documentation to the Office of Primary Care and Rural Health for approval before submission of SLRP application.

Step 3: Complete the Health Care Provider Application and gather the required documentation.

Step 4: Mail the complete application (with required supporting documentation) to Attn: State Loan Repayment Program within the Office of Primary Care & Rural Health, Bureau of Community Health Systems at 1000 SW Jackson St, Suite 340, Topeka KS  66612-1365

All SLRP or other workforce questions should be submitted to primarycare@kdheks.gov.

2016-2017 Key Program Dates

Application Period Opens:  June 13, 2016

Applications received before this date will not be eligible for review.

Application Priority Date:  July 29, 2016

Applications received on or before the priority date will receive a courtesy review for completeness.

Application Period Closes:  August 13, 2016

Note: Applications received after the priority date will not be reviewed for completeness prior to the application period closing. A completed application must contain all required forms and documents in order to pass the first phase of the review process.

Award Notification: October 1, 2016 (tentatively)

Practice Site Eligibility

Application Forms

Annual Reporting Forms

List of Approved National Health Service Corps Sites |

SLRP Practice Site Eligibility Verification Form |

2015-2016 SLRP Overview and Guidance |

SLRP Health Care Provider Application Form |

SLRP Applicant Eligibility Attestation Form |

SLRP Provider Verification of Employment Form |

SLRP Health Care Loan Information and Verification Form |

SLRP Recipient Confirmation Employment and Service Report Form |

SLRP Recipient Annual Payment Verification Report Form