Oral Health

Cathleen Taylor-Osborne DDS, MA, Director
Phone: (785) 296-6536

               1000 SW Jackson, Suite 210
                Topeka, Kansas 66612-1274

The Bureau of Oral Health at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment is Kansas’ state level public health division dedicated to oral health improvement. The Bureau works to increase awareness and improve the oral health of all Kansans through:
      1.)  Oral Health Data Collection and Dissemination
      2.)  Statewide Oral Health Education
      3.)  Development of Evidence-based Oral Health Policy
      4.)  Programming Dedicated to Dental Disease Prevention

  • Kansas Department of Health & Environment
    Bureau of Oral Health
    1000 SW Jackson, Suite 210
    Topeka, Kansas 66612-1274
    Phone: (785) 368-8264

ADA’s Information On Halloween Candy Noted.
Insider (10/5) published an article titled “12 Halloween candies and treats that we wish people would stop handing out.” Among the candies on the list were “citrus-flavored and sour candy.” Insider reported, “Although many do find this candy delicious, the cons can outweigh the pros.” ADA spokesperson Matthew Messina, DDS, “told Reader’s Digest that these candies contain both sugar and acid.” Messina “suggests limiting how many sour candies and lemony sweets you pick up while trick-or-treating.”
        Visit MouthHealthy’s Kids’ Halloween Headquarters for additional information, including tips for a healthy Halloween and a Halloween Candy Survival Guide.

Halloween Candy