Thomas County

Project Name Summary/Additional Information
Prairie Dog Creek Water and Sediment Control Basin-Stream Steward Project For information contact Watershed Management Section 785-296-4195 or
Thomas County Water Quality Awareness Project The purpose of this project is to educate the public on the many potential water pollution contributors and best management practices they can install or incorporate into their daily lives that will prevent the degradation of our water and other natural resources. Education endeavors will include: Septic systems, private water wells, chemical pesticide and herbicide management, recycling, household hazardous waste, soil erosion, animal waste, home landscaping, and more. Objectives: Through education efforts individuals will work to increase crop residues, plant permanent native grass and trees, take greater care in management of pesticides, herbicides and nutrients, install structural practices on farm fields and apply landscaping around their homes and businesses, plug abandoned water wells and cesspools, properly maintain private water wells, properly manage livestock and other animal waste, recycle and properly dispose of household hazardous waste. Individuals will learn about local, state and federal e
Wellhead Protection Plan - Brewster For information contact Watershed Management Section 785-296-4195 or