McPherson County

Project Name Summary/Additional Information
McPherson County Children's Water Festival The McPherson County Children''s Water Festival has been created to inform children and adults in an interactive, educational workshop of the importance of protecting the natural resource of groundwater. The goal is to inform participants that being good stewards of the aquifer we draw from today will make a difference in keeping groundwater safe and plentiful in the years to come. This project will involve approximately 400 4th grade students and over 100 volunteers. 
McPherson County Cooperative Wellhead Protection Project For information contact Watershed Management Section 785-296-4195 or
Melvern Reservoir Watershed Assessment For information contact Watershed Management Section 785-296-4195 or
Melvern Water Quality Protection Part 1 & 2 The project was initiated by Flint Hills RC&D in 1999. This project is the second part of the Melvern Watershed Protection Project which first included a watershed and lake assessment by KSU. The results of the initial assessment indicated that the lake was is good condition but needed protection to prevent future degradation and eutrophication problems. The Melvern Water Quality Protection Project is overseen by the Melvern Project Management Team which consists of representatives from several counties, Flint Hills RC&D, Wholesale Water District 12, and KDHE. In December of 2000, Paul Ingle was hired to serve as the full time project coordinator. Paul works within the watershed to provide information and education to landowners. Paul''s main task is to get water quality protection measures or best management practices (BMP's) on the ground in the Melvern Lake watershed.