Marion County

Project Name Summary/Additional Information
City of Florence Water Supply Delineation For information contact Watershed Management Section 785-296-4195 or
Herington Lake Watershed Livestock Demonstration For information contact Watershed Management Section 785-296-4195 or
Marion Reservoir Water Quality Protection Part 1 & 2 Water quality of Marion Reservoir has been shown to be impaired by nutrients, pesticides, sediment, and bacteria. These impairments have caused the lake to be non-supportive of contact recreation and only partially supportive for drinking water. The Marion County Conservation District and others determined that an assessment should be done to look at water quality problems in the lake and watershed. This assessment would be further used to determine which best management practices (BMP''s) would be affective in solving the reservoir's water quality impairments. The grant was used to contract with USGS and Tabor College to collect data from the reservoir and its watershed. Additionally, an information and education campaign was conducted to build public awareness on water quality issues in the watershed. This project was completed by the end of 2000; however, we are still awaiting a final project report, which details project accomplishments and additional actions needed.