Watershed Condition Reports

Purpose: The Watershed Condition Reports are designed to serve as a water quality "atlas" for a given watershed, and are intended to provide Watershed Stakeholders Committees (WSC) with a tool to assess the condition of water resources within their watershed.

Contents: Watersheds throughout the state are assigned an identification number called a Hydrologic Unit Code or HUC. There are three categories of HUC's: HUC 8s, HUC 11s, or HUC 14s. The largest watershed boundaries are categorized as HUC 8s. Currently there are 90 HUC 8s throughout the state of Kansas.

Each Huc 8 will have a Watershed Conditions Report (WCR). WCRs contain information regarding rivers and streams, lakes and wetlands, and groundwater. Reports address primary pollutant and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) concerns, potential pollution sources, designated uses, and aquifer characteristics.

Available Watershed Condition Reports:

*If the watershed conditions report for your watershed is not noted, please be aware that they are being posted as quickly as possible.

To obtain additional water quality monitoring data, please go to www.epa.gov/storet/. STORET is a computerized environmental data storage system used by state environmental agencies, EPA, universities, and private citizens.

For more information regarding TMDLs in Kansas, please go to http://www.kdheks.gov/tmdl/.


Kansas Unified Watershed Assessment (.pdf)

Rapid Watershed Assessments