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July 9, 2012

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Families Must Make Safety a Priority While Camping and Hiking

Safe Kids Kansas offers families important outdoor safety tips

Topeka, Kan. — Sleeping bag? Check. Hiking boots? Check. Safety guidelines? A must! While the preparations for a family camping or hiking trip usually include a review of the necessary gear, parents should also review safety guidelines with their children, paying special attention to potential hazards specific to camping, hiking, outdoor recreation, water and falls.

“Going camping or hiking can be a wonderful activities for parents to do with their children, but it is essential to remember key safety guidelines as you’ll be leaving the daily environment your kids are used to,” says Cherie Sage, State Director for Safe Kids Kansas. “A campfire is a serious responsibility because it’s the only situation where a family is purposely starting a fire outdoors and a long way from a pressurized water supply or the nearest fire engine.”

Campfires, portable stoves, heaters and fuel-burning lanterns – in addition to the danger of starting an uncontrolled brush fire – all produce carbon monoxide (CO), a colorless and odorless gas that can poison a child very quickly. “About 30 campers each year die of CO poisoning in the U.S.,” says Sage. “If someone near a campfire or portable stove seems drowsy, disoriented or sick, move that person away from the fire immediately to get some fresh air.”

Safe Kids Kansas recommends these safety guidelines around campfires and portable heating devices:

Also keep these guidelines in mind while camping and hiking:

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