For Immediate Release
May 24, 2010

KDHE Office of Communications, 785-296-0461

KDHE Issues Permit for the APAC - Kansas, Inc. Construction & Demolition Landfill

After many months of public meetings and technical evaluations, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) has decided to issue a modified permit to APAC-Kansas, Inc., 7415 West 130th Street, Overland Park, Kansas to allow continued operation of their active construction and demolition landfill.  The modified permit contains numerous requirements intended to protect public health and safety including special operating practices related to the monitoring and control of landfill gases generated by the biodegradation of certain wastes.    

A public information meeting regarding the facility and draft permit was held on January 21, 2010 followed by a public hearing on February 11, 2010.  KDHE thoroughly reviewed all verbal and written comments as well as several additional technical documents submitted by APAC-Kansas, Inc before a final permit decision was made.  Based upon all factors, KDHE concluded the proposed design, operating plans and the special system of controls currently in place at the landfill are adequately protective of public health and the environment.  Extensive ambient air monitoring results demonstrate on-site and off-site exposures to hydrogen sulfide and methane have been controlled; however, safe conditions require ongoing operation and maintenance of monitoring and gas collection systems.  Therefore, the permit requires APAC-Kansas, Inc. to operate these systems as long as necessary to ensure no public health impacts occur. 

The APAC-Kansas, Inc. landfill will continue to generate landfill gas for many years as the waste dries and the degradation process slows.  Consequently, the extensive monitoring network and the gas and water collection and treatment systems will also require ongoing operation and maintenance over a long period.  APAC-Kansas, Inc has demonstrated to KDHE that continuation of landfill operations with continuous on-site presence will facilitate the required monitoring and implementation of corrective measures without increasing the risks to public health or the environment.  There are clear benefits associated with having additional on-site landfill personnel to promptly respond to maintenance, monitoring and control requirements as they arise.

The modified landfill permit requires APAC-Kansas, Inc. to maintain adequate financial assurance to cover the costs to close the landfill, carry out required corrective measures and maintain the landfill and all systems of controls with monitoring through the post-closure care period. These costs and financial assurance must be re-evaluated each year to ensure that environmental obligations do not become a liability to taxpayers.

The modified permit and KDHE’s responsiveness summary to public comments can be viewed at:

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