For Immediate Release
February 8, 2010

KDHE Office of Communications, 785-296-0461

GKDHE to Hold Public Hearing on Proposed Permit for the
APAC – Kansas, Inc. Construction & Demolition Landfill

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) will hold a public hearing on February 11 regarding its intention to reissue a revised permit for the APAC-Kansas, Inc. construction and demolition landfill.  The landfill is located north of 167th Street between U.S. 69 Highway and Metcalf Avenue in Overland Park, Kansas.  The revised draft permit contains numerous requirements for ongoing measures intended to protect public health and safety, and it eliminates a special condition that had been proposed in an earlier version of the permit requiring closure by December 31, 2010. 

A public information meeting regarding the facility was held on January 21.  At the meeting a presentation of the topics and issues regarding this facility and draft permit were presented.  The presentation is available online at under “What’s New.”

KDHE’s draft permit decision was based upon a careful review of all factors related to the protection of public health and the environment.  KDHE has concluded that the system of controls currently in place at the landfill are adequately protective of public health as demonstrated by extensive ambient air monitoring results.  The permit will require APAC-Kansas, Inc. to closely monitor and properly maintain those controls as long as necessary to ensure that no public health impacts occur. 

APAC-Kansas has demonstrated to KDHE that the continuation of landfill operations with continuous on-site presence will facilitate the monitoring and implementation of corrective measures without increasing the risks to public health or the environment.  Since air monitoring and other landfill controls will be needed for many years, it will be beneficial to have additional on-site personnel to promptly respond to maintenance, monitoring and control requirements as they arise.

Another important special condition proposed for the draft permit relates to financial assurance.  Each year, APAC-Kansas, Inc. will be required to evaluate the adequacy of their financial assurance, which is calculated to cover costs to close the landfill, to carry out required corrective measures, and maintain the landfill and all systems of controls with monitoring through the post-closure care period.

The February 11 public hearing will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Pleasant Ridge Middle School Commons Area located at 9000 West 165th Street.  At the public hearing, KDHE will receive verbal and written comments from the public regarding the proposal to reissue the landfill permit. 

The public notice, proposed permit, information meeting presentation of January 21 and the list of general and special conditions can be viewed online at  The application and related documents on the proposed permit are available at the City Clerk’s Office in City Hall in Overland Park; the Johnson County Environmental Department’s Office, Olathe; and the Topeka Office of KDHE.  The public notice provides telephone numbers and locations.