For Immediate Release
January 16, 2008

KDHE Office of Communications, 785-296-0461

Kansas Reaches 1 Million Patients in Immunization Registry

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) announced at a news conference today that the Kansas Immunization Registry Project, known as KSWebIZ, recently received its one-millionth patient since its inception in August 2005.

“Today, we are celebrating a remarkable accomplishment,” stated Roderick L. Bremby, Secretary of KDHE. “Immunization registries have proven value in preventing disease and saving time for healthcare providers and patients who need immunizations.”

Bremby said that the one-millionth patient is a newborn baby girl in western Kansas who recently received her hepatitis B vaccination.

Mothers of babies born in Kansas can have a portion of their child’s birth certificate entered into KSWebIZ, including documentation of the birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine. More than 97 percent of all Kansas newborns now have an immunization registry record created through this method.

KSWebIZ reached 1 million patients in just over two years. The registry went online in August 2005 and has 148 immunization providers in the state using the system.

All immunizations for Medicaid clients are also included in the registry, “helping to assure that records are not lost, children are not vaccinated unnecessarily and funds for immunization services are maximized,” said Bremby.

In addition, Bremby stated that KSWebIZ will allow the state to better assess immunization coverage, target resources to areas most in need and improve management of disease outbreaks. KDHE is also developing systems to access immunization data directly through schools and WIC clinics to further ensure good immunization coverage, according to Bremby.