For Immediate Release
December 13, 2007

KDHE Office of Communications, 785-296-0461

KDHE Cites Facilities for Kansas Food Code Violations

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) has issued administrative orders assessing civil penalties, notices of intent to suspend facility licenses, and emergency suspension orders for several food service establishments for violations of the Kansas Food Code or for operating without a license. Letters were mailed on the days indicated to the following establishments:

Civil Penalty (fine):

Notice of intent to suspend:

The department seeks to work constructively with licensed establishments to ensure compliance with the Kansas Food Code, which protects the public from the risk of foodborne illness. Whenever a food safety inspector identifies a violation, the inspector immediately notifies the person in charge and advises them on the proper way to make a correction. Violations are often corrected in this manner during the inspection. Where critical violations are not corrected with the inspector on-site, an unannounced follow-up inspection is conducted.

When an inspector documents the same Food Code violation(s) on consecutive visits to the same establishment, it is KDHE’s policy to issue fines. The fine for an individual violation can range up to $500 per violation for each day the violation is documented. All fines are subject to appeal as governed under the Kansas Administrative Procedures Act.

By statute, an establishment has 20 calendar days from t he date the order was mailed, plus three days for mailing to file for an appeal or to pay the fine.

KDHE’s purpose in issuing this advisory is to promote awareness of the Kansas Food Code requirements and state licensing requirements.

Note to editor/reporter: For copies of food safety orders, please email with a request for the documents and include your fax number.