For Immediate Release
May 23, 2007

KDHE Office of Communications, 785-296-0461

KDHE Orders Public Water Supply Systems to Correct Violations

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) has issued administrative orders requiring two public water supply systems to comply with regulations designed to ensure safe public water supplies.

KDHE has determined that the City of Barnard in Lincoln County failed to comply with total coliform bacteria monitoring requirements, total coliform bacteria maximum contaminant levels and lead and copper monitoring requirements.

KDHE also found that the Waterfall Restaurant, 21748 Hwy. 75, Holton, failed to comply with total coliform bacteria monitoring requirements and total coliform bacteria maximum contaminant levels.

The orders require the city and the restaurant to immediately begin collecting required coliform bacteria samples within the appropriate monitoring period. Both the city and restaurant are also required to provide a public notice within 30 days of the Order and submit proof of such notice to KDHE. The city and the restaurant must submit a written report on actions taken to assure future compliance with the Total Coliform Rule.

The orders also require the City of Barnard to pay a $2,500 civil penalty and the Waterfall Restaurant to pay a $1,000 civil penalty. The penalties are a result of violations of public water supply statutes and regulations as summarized in the orders.

The City of Barnard and the Waterfall Restaurant have 15 days from service of the order to file a written request for appeal of the order with the Kansas Office of Administrative Hearings. If the company does not file a request during that time, the order will become final when the 15-day period expires.