For Immediate Release
February 7, 2007

KDHE Office of Communications, 785-296-0461

Progressive Products Enters Consent Agreement with KDHE

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) has entered into a consent agreement with Progressive Products, Inc., 3305 Airport Circle, Pittsburg, to resolve violations of state hazardous waste regulations noted in a March 2006 inspection by the department.

The agreement requires the company to pay a $7,900 civil penalty. KDHE has determined that Progressive Products has corrected all violations.

On March 27 and 28, 2006, KDHE staff visited Progressive and identified several regulatory violations, including failure to close a hazardous waste container, failure to mark two other containers to indicate they contained hazardous waste, improperly disposing of xylene-contaminated rags and inadequate fire safety controls.

KDHE and Progressive representatives met in August 2006 and reached a settlement to address correction of the violations and payment of the civil penalty. The settlement was formalized into a consent agreement at the end of January.

Note to reporters: A copy of the Consent Agreement and Final Order will be faxed upon request. Please contact Mike Heideman at 785-296-4363 or to receive a copy of the agreement.