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Common Questions and Concerns

Question: What are the requirements to participate in Meth Watch?

Answer: KDHE requests the door decal be displayed near the entrance, some form of signage must be displayed near the precursor products (i.e. shelf tags), place sticker or customer information pad at the cash register, place the training poster be displayed in the break/training room(s) and use the training video tape for all employees. KDHE recommends management practices that either place precursor products behind the customer service/pharmacy area or in high profile areas; limit the sale or availability of the boxes of product; train employees to understand Meth Watch; and submit suspicious transaction reports to law enforcement.

Question: Will my customers be upset that cold medicine is not as readily available on the shelf?

Answer: KDHE has not received any complaints about angry customers from the participating retailers. In fact, most retailers report that their customers are highly supportive of the program once the customer has received an explanation of the program or read the tear off sheet or brochure.

Question: Will my customers be scared that they are shopping with a bunch of meth users?

Answer: A team of Kansas retailers helped KDHE design the program and the team, as well as current participating retail stores, indicate that customers actually feel safer because the program is intended to keep the meth cooks out of their store. Customers also like the idea that store employees are on the lookout for these problems.

Question: Will my employees be in danger?

Answer: KDHE DOES NOT WANT RETAIL STORE EMPLOYEES APPROACHING METH COOKS!! Our recommendation is that the clerks continue the sale, but mentally note the description of the suspicious transaction and then the clerk or a manager can complete a suspicious transaction report and contact law enforcement. Every bit of information helps, such as, physical description, make of car, auto license plate number, items purchased, time and date of sale, and terms of sale (cash, check, credit card). If the clerk does not refuse service or approach the cook they should not be in any danger. The biggest danger is the fact that a meth cook is even in the store in the first place.

Comment: We get busy and can't take the time to complete a suspicious transaction report.

Answer: KDHE & KBI understands that completing the suspicious transaction report can be time consuming and "Time is money". Ideally, the clerk should relay the information to a manager or temporarily switch with another clerk. Timely reporting of the transaction can make the difference between the cook getting away from law enforcement or possibly going to jail. Please call you local law enforcement or KBI's hotline at 1-800-KS-CRIME.

Question: What if I cannot afford video surveillance?

Answer: Video surveillance is only one option. If video surveillance is too expensive try placing the product behind customer service or pharmacy counters. If those areas are not available, limiting the amount of product on the shelf or placing the product in high traffic areas, such as end of aisle or near the cash register will help deter theft or improper purchases.

Question: A meth cook can still steal or buy the products even though we follow the recommendations, so what good can I do?

Answer: Meth Watch was designed to make the improper purchase or theft of precursors more difficult. Meth cooks are often paranoid and they do not want attention brought to them by purchasing these products. They will avoid stores when they think someone may be watching them while in areas marked by Meth Watch signage. The presence of the shelf danglers and cash register stickers may be enough to make them want to shop elsewhere. Also, a cook may need to shop several places to get enough product to complete a cook. Let's make them work harder if they want to make drugs that endanger our communities. The more stores that participate in Meth Watch, the harder we make the theft or purchase of precursors.

Question: Who designed the Kansas Retailer Meth Watch Program?

Answer: The basic idea was developed by KDHE employees but the overall program was designed by a variety of Kansas retailers, retail associations, and the KBI. KDHE wanted to make sure this program had input from Kansas retailers since they are on the front line of meth production defense.

Question: What if I damage or run out of Kansas Retailer Meth Watch Program supplies?

Answer: KDHE will replace Meth Watch supplies free of charge. For any question or to reorder supplies, please contact the KDHE Clandestine Drug Lab Cleanup Program at (785) 368-7301, fax us at (785) 296-4823, e-mail tciaffone@kdheks.gov, or mail request to :

Clandestine Drug Lab Cleanup Program
Kansas Department of Health & Environment
1000 SW Jackson, Suite 410
Topeka, Kansas 66612-1367