Breath Alcohol Laboratory Program FAQs

Breath Alcohol Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to order DC-70, DC-27, DC-28 and CDL-5 forms?


A. You can order more forms from the DL Administrative Hearing Section at the Kansas Department of Revenue by calling 785-296-6911 or e-mail at

Q. How does a Law Enforcement agency become certified to operate the Intoxilyzer 9000?

A. Any Law Enforcement agency can become a Breath Alcohol Program certified agency.  There are several steps to becoming a certified agency.  First, contact the BAP supervisor, Chris Houston, at 785-230-1727 or  An agency application will be mailed or faxed to your agency.  The application must be filled-out and returned to KDHE for approval.  The officers at the agency wanting to become certified operators must submit a training application and attend an Intoxilyzer 9000 class.  If the agency also wants an instrument, they need to specify this to the BAP supervisor. If the agency is granted an instrument, then a BAP staff member will set-up the instrument at the agency and instruct the custodian on his/her responsibilities.  Finally, the instrument will be tested at the agency.

Q. How does an individual become a certified operator?

A. To become a certified operator, an individual must submit a training application to KDHE.  The training application can be downloaded from the BAP web-site at  The individual will be placed on the roster of the class they have selected if available.  A confirmation letter will be mailed two weeks prior to the class date.  The individual must attend, complete and pass the Intoxilyzer 9000 training course.  After completing and passing the course, the newly certified operator will receive an operator’s certification card by mail.

Q. How does an individual find possible class locations and dates? How can an agency check on whether a class is full or if their training application was processed?

A. The class schedule is located on the BAP site at  To determine if a class is full or if an individual from your agency is in a specific class, contact Ben Zilkie at 785-296-1642 or

Q. How does an agency, operator or custodian renew the certification of an agency, operator or instrument?

A. The renewal process occurs toward the end of the calendar year.  An application will be sent to every certified agency in October.  This application will contain every aspect necessary for renewal.  The application will be accompanied by a letter explaining all steps needing to be completed.  Every operator must complete the on-line continuing education to renew their certification.  If you have any questions, please contact Chris Houston at 785-230-1727 or

Q. What is on-line continuing education training?

A. Continuing education is stipulated in K.A.R. 28-32-10(d).  Every certified operator must complete the on-line continuing education training once every two years to renew their certification.  The on-line training is located at  If you have any questions, contact Chris Houston at 785-230-1727 or

Q. How does someone find the forms needed such as the change of status, training application, monthly certified standard report, and CMI evaluation form?

A. Please, go to the BAP web-site at to download the form you need.

Q. What is the change of status form and when do I fill it out?

A. The change of status form is used to notify the BAP when a certified operator leaves an agency, comes to an agency or changes their name. The change of status form can be downloaded from Fill-in all the appropriate information necessary to delete, transfer or change the name of an operator.

Q. What do I do when my instrument needs repair?

A. First, check your out-of-service box on your monthly certified standard report. Contact BAP staff and indicate whether or not a loaner instrument is needed. Fill-out the CMI evaluation form (found at this web-site, place the form in the box with the instrument and mail to CMI. Their address is located at the bottom of the evaluation form. Remember, to remove your gas tank prior to boxing your instrument. After repair, the instrument will be sent to the BAP to verify the instrument and then returned to your agency.

Q. What do I do when I have received my repaired instrument?

A. Check to determine the repaired instrument has been verified by a BAP staff member. The yellow service work order from should have the date & initials of a BAP staff member that performed the post-repairs verification. You should also have a printout showing that the repair records have been entered into the instrument. If either is missing contact the BAP prior to setting up the instrument. If the paper work is all located, setup your instrument & perform a weekly QC check using the "return" option. The instruments returned to service and ready for use.

Q:  I just received my Agency Application Packet, how do I complete all the forms?  After all the forms have been completed, please verify that all the signature lines have been signed.

A1. Agency and Instrument Application

Is the address provided correct? If not, make the appropriate corrections in the space provided.

In the instrument section, write the instrument serial number of the EBAT device (s) your agency expects to routinely use and sign as your agency's custodian.

A2. The Operator Certification Renewal Application

These are the operators whose certifications are up for renewal this year.  Mark the box by the name of those who wish to renew.  Those boxes that are left blank are for officers who are not going to renew and will be inactivated

A3. The Operator Roster

Make any change to your Operator Roster on this page.

  1. Deletion:  mark out those who should be deleted with a single line through their name.
  2. Name Changes:  change names by lining out the old name and write the new name nearby.
  3. Transfers:  for any operator who has transferred in from another agency; write in their name and operator number in the space provided. **If the operator needs to renew their certification that year, then add their name, operator number and a box (in front of their name) to the Operator Certification Renewal Application. Please, mark the box to reflect their intent to renew.

All of these changes will require a Change of Status form to be completed and returned with the packet.