New Lead Paint Regulations

April 8, 2010

To:  All interested individuals and entities.

RE: New Lead-Based Paint Regulations in Kansas.

Dear Kansas Business Owners and Operators,

On April 9, 2010 the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Prevention Program officially implements revised regulations which include the adoption of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rules.

Please take time to understand what these regulation changes mean to you.  KDHE has been responsible for enforcing regulations dealing with lead-based paint in housing in Kansas since 2000.  KDHE regulations have long detailed the rules that training providers, lead activity firms, lead abatement supervisors and workers must follow as they relate to lead-based paint abatement. Most business in Kansas will never deal with this issue.

The RRP regulations that KDHE has adopted were created by the EPA and deal with business that work on housing built prior to 1978.   To understand the requirements of RRP in Kansas we recommend that you refer to our latest publication “The Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule – A Handbook for Contractors, Property Managers and Maintenance Personnel.”  

Many contractors in Kansas are anxious to become compliant and be licensed by KDHE as a “Renovation Firm.”  We are pleased to announce that you may submit your application to KDHE at this time for licensing and that our website is now available that will allow your firm to become licensed through an on-line application process that will allow you to continue your work in an uninterrupted fashion. 

Training for “certified renovators” in Kansas can be obtained from various training providers who are listed on our website under the “Lead Training Classes in Kansas” page.  Once you have successfully completed the course you will need to register with KDHE to be officially certified in Kansas.  If you have already completed an EPA training courses contact your training provider to find out what will be required to meet KDHE standards.  This process is free of charge and can be completed online but it is a vital step in complying with the RRP regulations in Kansas.

KDHE understands that with the implementation of the RRP rule many people are confused and have questions. Please do not panic or believe rumors that always seem to circulate. Visit the KDHE website or call the KDHE Bureau of Environmental Health for the most current and up to date information and compliance guidance.

KDHE staff will be visiting communities statewide to conduct RRP compliance workshops. If you would like to arrange for such a meeting in your community please contact us and we will make arrangements to visit your community.


RRP Compliance Assistance Forms:


Tom Langer Signature

Thomas Langer, MPA – Interim Director
Kansas Department of Health & Environment
Bureau of Environmental Health



“KDHE Healthy Homes Program keeps Kansas families safe by reducing the amount of environmental hazards in the home.”

“Kansas Healthy Homes Program protects our children by reducing environmental hazards in the home and making it a safer place for Kansas families.”

“As the 34th District, Kansas City, Kansas, Wyandotte county member of the Kansas House of Representatives and as Chairperson of the 13-member Wyandotte County Legislative Delegation, it is my pleasure to comment about the Kansas Lead program.  I have served in the Kansas Legislature for the past decade, but have worked as a community activist in Wyandotte County for the past twenty-five years and know first-hand the hazards of lead-based paint in older communities.

For the past six years, Wyandotte County has been fortunate to have received a HUD lead-based paint reduction grant.  During these years I have observed first-hand the tremendous impact that the Kansas regulations (K.A.R. 28-72-1 to 28-72-54) concerning the elimination of lead-base paint have had on my community, but more important, I have observed the direct and positive impact the elimination of lead-based paint has had on the lives of children and families in the 34th District.  This HUD grant in conjunction with the Kansas regulation has made a significant impact and as a result the 34th district, as well as, the entire county is a much healthier place to live, work and raise families.”  Valendia C. Winn, PhD


If your community would like to host a forum to discuss the changes please contact KDHE Healthy Homes Program 1-866-865-3233 Or email