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Lead Professionals:  Individuals performing lead activities in Kansas

The following activities when performed in pre-1978 housing and child-occupied facilities, are considered lead activities, and are regulated in the State of Kansas.

Lead Abatement
Lead Inspections
Risk Assessments
Lead Abatement Project Design

Any individual that performs any of these activities must be certified through the Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Prevention Program.  Any firm, organization or governmental body that presents itself as being able to perform any of these activities, must be licensed as a lead activity firm.

Applications for Licensure and Certification can be found by clicking here.

Lead Activity Firms and Providers

To find a licensed Lead Activity Firm or Licensed Renovation Firm in your area click here

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Requirements for Lead Professionals

K.A.R. 28-72-1 to 28-72-22
Please note when the new proposed regulations are finalized there will be minor revisions to the requirements.

Kansas Lead Based Paint Pre Renovation Education Program