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Shipping Chemical Emergency Samples Related to Human Exposure
to the Kansas Health & Environment Laboratories

If a chemical exposure event occurs in Kansas all human clinical samples are to be submitted to the Kansas Health and Environment Laboratories (KHEL). Note that if KHEL cannot analyze the samples, they will ship them to the appropriate laboratory to be analyzed. Samples should be submitted as identified within the flowcharts "Shipping Blood Specimens after a Chemical Exposure Event to KHEL" and "Shipping Urine Specimens after a Chemical Exposure Event to KHEL." A Universal Form should be completed for all patients and the bar code labels from the Universal Forms must be applied to the patients specimen containers. The Universal Form will act as the shipping manifests for the samples. See the "CDC Instructions for Collecting, Labeling and Shipping Specimens During a Chemical Exposure Event" for written instructions on packaging and shipping the specimens. Guidance on these documents may be obtained by contacting the KHEL Laboratory Preparedness and Response Team at (785) 296-1620 or

Shipping Samples Directly to CDC