Welcome to KFIPP…

The Kansas Fire Injury Prevention Program (KFIPP) has saved 44 lives by installing over 33,000 smoke alarms in nearly 12,000 households across the state.

The overall purpose of the Kansas Fire Injury Prevention Program (KFIPP) was to make funds available for Kansas community programs to reduce injuries due to fires and burns. This program was funded by a state-secured federal grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


The two goals of the KFIPP:

  • Understanding of the need for, access to and proper use of smoke alarms in their homes.
  • Knowledge regarding fire-safety by providing fire-safety education with emphasis on fire escape planning and practice and smoke alarm testing, and maintenance.

KFIPP Objectives

  • To increase Kansans’ knowledge through education of fire safety and the need for and proper use of smoke alarms in the home.
  • To increase the number of functional smoke alarms in defined geographic areas by installing 10-year lithium smoke alarms in high-risk households.
  • To promote collaboration by convening the broad spectrum of concerned agencies and groups addressing common goals for decreasing the burden of fire related injury and death.
  • To conduct baseline measures toward project evaluation.

Other key partners

Contributing to the continued success of the KFIPP are:

  • Safe Kids Kansas
  • Kansas Department of Health & Environment - Bureau of Family Health
  • Kansas Department on Aging
  • Kansas Hospital Association
  • Local fire departments and health departments
  • Churches and church-based organizations
  • Independent living centers