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Web-based Emergency Operations Center (WebEOC) is an online forum that acts as a virtual Emergency Operations Center for public health and preparedness partners. WebEOC serves as an interactive hub of close to real-time information that is available to be shared with partners across the state. While WebEOC was originally designed to be used during an incident, the ability to quickly and easily access and share information makes it ideal for day-to-day usage, too.

The structure of WebEOC information-sharing is built on the concept of boards. When you log into the website, you will see a home board with subject lines of information listed on it. Below is a sample shot of the home board for H1N1. As you click on each subject line, it opens a new board in a new window with the information. You can have multiple boards open at one time, which allows you to view multiple pieces of information at once. In WebEOC it is absolutely imperative to turn off all internet pop-up blockers! This will allow a successful viewing of all information.

H1N1 Home Board

The Kansas Division of Emergency Managers (KDEM) hosts a WebEOC site for use by the Kansas Emergency Managers and other preparedness partners. The KDHE-hosted WebEOC site integrates with the KDEM-hosted site to ensure that information is appropriately shared. Information on the KDEM-site necessary to the health and medical field is shared with the KDHE-site and vice versa.

Web-based Emergency Operations Center (WebEOC)


Registration & Logging-in Instructions:

Registration for WebEOC is through a KDHE-IT hosted secure portal. All registrants must be approved by a WebEOC project manager. Once they are approved, they will receive an e-mail with the username and password. If you would like to register in WebEOC, go to the following web address:

https://kanphix.kdhe.state.ks.us/ |

New KANPHIX User Registration Instructions |

Existing KANPHIX User Registration Instructions


Promotional Materials:

Additional promotional materials will be added as they become available.

There is a WebEOC brochure available for your organization. You can contact the WebEOC Administrator to request hard copies of the brochure. Click here to download a pdf version of the brochure.


WebEOC Summer 2010 Drill:

During the summer of 2010, several local hospital and health department representatives volunteered to participate in a WebEOC drill that would act as a beta-test of the system. The drill was designed to test various aspects of WebEOC, including registration, logging-in, viewing various boards, and sending messages. Following completion of the drill, each test user filled out a Participation Evaluation Form that served as an evaluation of the user, the system, and the drill.

If you would like to go through the WebEOC drill, in order to learn more about the system and how it operates, then contact us at webeocadmin@kdheks.gov.

Drill Registration Instructions |

WebEOC Drill |

Participant Evaluation Form