Kansas Health Alert Network (KS-HAN)


KS-HAN is an internet-based, secure, emergency alerting system that allows general public health and emergency preparedness information to be shared rapidly. KS-HAN has the ability to alert registrants by organization, occupation, county, or group through e-mail, work and cell phone, and SMS text. Additionally, KS-HAN can be utilized as a document storing and sharing website.

 Kansas Health Alert Network (KS-HAN)

Since KS-HAN is the primary system used by KDHE for communication during an emergency, it is important to ensure that your organization´s registrants and their contact information are kept updated. If any of the below listed information needs updated contact the KS-HAN Administrator at kdhe.kshanadmin@ks.gov and they can assist you with making the necessary changes.

  • Telephone number or address of the organization
  • New employee that needs to be invited
  • Former employee that needs account de-activated
  • Personal change in phone number, e-mail address, other contact information, or job title


Request an Invite Code:

KS-HAN is an invitation-only system. To request an invite code, e-mail your name, organization, phone number, and employer to the KS-HAN Administrator at kdhe.kshanadmin@ks.gov.

You will receive an invite code by e-mail that you will be required to enter, along with your e-mail address, during registration.


User Manuals:

User Manuals will be added as they become available.


KS-HAN Exercises:

The KS-HAN Administrator does a test of the system once a month by conducting a Time-Response exercise with various groups of preparedness partners. The alert is usually sent via e-mail to a group of targeted registrants. Recipients of the exercise need to respond to the e-mail as quickly as possible in one of two ways:

  • Reply to the e-mail with your name and organization in the subject line
  • Create a new e-mail and send to the KS-HAN Administrator with your name and organization in the subject line

The KS-HAN exercise is an opportunity to ensure that you and your organization's information are current. Information that needs updated could include: a change in phone number or e-mail address, new employees that need invited, or former employees that need their accounts disabled.


Promotional Materials:

Additional promotional materials will be added as they become available.


There is a KS-HAN brochure available to your organization. You can contact the KS-HAN Administrator to request hard copies of the brochure. Click here to download a pdf version of the brochure.

PowerPoint Presentation:

The KS-HAN administrator is available to give the KS-HAN presentation to your organization. To request a presentation, contact the KS-HAN Administrator with the name of your organization and the time, date, and location of your meeting or event.