About the Preparedness IT Systems:

Preparedness hosts four IT systems, which can be utilized at state and local levels to assist and support preparedness efforts. To learn more about any of the preparedness systems, click on the appropriate tab on the left-side of the page.

The Kansas Health Alert Network (KS-HAN)

KS-HAN is a secure, web-based electronic communication system that enables local and state emergency health and safety entities to share public and environmental health and general emergency preparedness information rapidly. The system allows users to send, receive and discuss information in a secure environment. It also allows for the rapid notification of any and all users in the event of an emergency, when the timely distribution of recommendations on investigation, prevention and treatment is critical. KS-HAN is an invitation-only registration system.

 Kansas Health Alert Network (KS-HAN)


The Kansas System for the Early Registration of

Volunteers (K-SERV)

The Kansas System for the Early Registration of Volunteers, K-SERV, is a secure registration system and database for volunteers willing to respond to public health emergencies or other disasters in Kansas or other areas across the country. It can be utilized as a volunteer management system at the local and state levels, therefore avoiding duplication of information at each level. Everyone is welcome to register in K-SERV.

Kansas System for the Early Registration of Volunteers (K-SERV)


Kansas Countermeasure Response Administration


KS-CRA is an online inventory management and tracking system. During H1N1, KS-CRA was utilized by local organizations and the state to track federally-issued vaccines, antiviral medications, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). KS-CRA is utilized and managed jointly by the Immunization Program and Preparedness. It is hosted with the WebIZ website, which requires secure enrollment, registration, and logging-in.

Kansas Countermeasure Response Administration (KS-CRA)

Web-based Emergency Operations Center (WebEOC)

WebEOC is a system that acts as a virtual Emergency Operations Center. Since the system has the capability to collect, organize, and present data in an easy to read and use format, WebEOC allows your organization to easily share information with other organizations at state and local levels. A KDHE-managed WebEOC database is available for hospital and public health use. The KDHE system is highly integrated with the Kansas Division of Emergency Management WebEOC (used by local and state emergency managers). Participation in WebEOC requires individuals to register with KDHE's secure IT portal.

Web-based Emergency Operations Center (WebEOC)