Suicide Prevention

"Suicide Prevention Is Everyone's Business"

The Injury and Disability Prevention Program hosts many educational events throughout the year, and will post related material to this page for reference and referral. For more information, or to obtain reproduction or citation approval, please contact Lori Haskett.

Suicide in Kansas: 2011 Report (.pdf)

July 26, 2007 Suicide Prevention Symposium

Suicide Awareness for Older Adults (.pdf)

The Suicide Prevention Subcommittee of the Governor's Council continues to grow in membership and activities. It began as a loose-knit group of Kansans concerned about reducing suicide in our state. Several of those people participated in regional and nation suicide prevention conferences that preceded former Surgeon General David Satcher's Call To Action To Prevent Suicide, and National Strategy for Suicide Prevention.

For additional information about the Suicide Prevention Subcommittee: Meeting minutes can be found at

Information about suicide prevention in Kansas, and about the committee can be found in the State Plans area of the website for the Suicide Prevention Resource Center SPRC site

Membership on the committee is open. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday afternoon of each month, with participation at a primary site as well as by videoconferencing, which is available at multiple sites across the state.


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