Kansas Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS


Welcome to the webpage for the Kansas Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (KACHA). KACHA is the HIV planning group for Kansas and is a combined prevention and care group.

According to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “HIV planning is a critical process by which health departments work in partnership with the community and key stakeholders to enhance access to HIV prevention, care, and treatment services for the highest-risk populations. HIV planning groups work to ensure the alignment of activities with the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy.” (HIV Planning Guidance, July 2012). 

Why Community Involvement?
The HIV epidemic is a very diverse one. Who is infected with HIV varies from community to community. Even within similar groups affected by HIV, values and community norms vary from place to place. Prevention and care services are most successful when they reach people where they are in their lives - not where others think they ought to be.

With jurisdictional HIV planning, local communities, including those infected and affected by HIV, determine the scope, depth and content of HIV prevention and care programming. In other words, the values and priorities of the community determine what is important and what is not. This is why community involvement in KACHA is so important.

What can you do?
KACHA seeks meaningful involvement from community members like you to help continually refine and tailor HIV prevention and care services that are culturally sensitive and scientifically sound, and address the unique needs of those communities most affected by HIV/AIDS.

To participate, simply show up at an in-person meeting or join in on a conference call. Meetings alternate between statewide phone conference calls and open meetings in different cities across Kansas. Check out the calendar for information on meetings and phone conferences.

For information on the next KACHA meeting or call, you may also contact Jeni Mulqueen (785) 368-8218 or by email jmulqueen@kdheks.gov .  


KACHA Calendar

Looking for more information on National HIV/AIDS Awareness Days? Visit AIDS.gov here. (http://www.aids.gov/news-and-events/awareness-days/index.html)

Mission of KACHA

Our mission is to develop and coordinate an effective, ongoing, and comprehensive HIV plan for the state of Kansas to ensure that the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS) are achieved.

Vision of KACHA

Our vision is a Kansas where HIV and AIDS are effectively prevented and managed until the end of the epidemic.

Structure of KACHA

KACHA is made up of a voting membership referred to as the Steering Committee. Steering Committee members are either Standing Members or Members At Large. Standing Members include members representing key stakeholder HIV/AIDS and other service providers. At Large Members include members reflective of the various geographic regions in Kansas and the communities most affected by HIV/AIDS in Kansas.

Non-voting members, or associate members, are very important to the functioning and effectiveness of KACHA. Associate members may join any calls and meetings of the Steering Committee. Though associate members cannot vote at the Steering Committee level, they are invited to participate and vote at the standing and ad-hoc committee level (excluding the Executive Committee).

For more detailed information on the structure and functioning of KACHA:

KACHA Leadership

Two positions within KACHA are elected by the Steering Committee – the Community Co-Chair and the Secretary. The State Co-Chair is appointed by KDHE. Four of the Standing Committees elect their own chairs – Bylaws, Community Advisory, Evaluation and Planning, and Membership. The Executive Committee Chair is the KACHA Community Co-Chair; the Quality Management Committee Chair is the KDHE Quality Management Program Manager.


  • Community Co-Chair: Debbie Guilbault
  • State Co-Chair: Vacant
  • Secretary: Diane Pancake
  • Bylaws Committee Chair: Vacant
  • Community Advisory Committee Chair: Marge Baker
  • Evaluation and Planning Committee Chair: Armelia Posey
  • Membership Committee Chair: Michael Madecky
  • Quality Management Committee Chair: Ebony Wardlaw


  • KDHE HIV/AIDS Program Director: Jennifer VandeVelde, jvandevelde@kdheks.gov
  • Prevention Advisor: Stephanie Green, Testing & Technical Assistance Program Manager, sgreen@kdheks.gov, 785-296-5595
  • Ryan White Care Advisor: Jeni Mulqueen, Ryan White Part B & ADAP Program Manager, jmulqueen@kdheks.gov, 785-368-8218
  • Bylaws Committee Liaison: Liatris Studer, Evaluation Coordinator, lstuder@kdheks.gov, 785-368-8217
  • Community Advisory Committee Liaison: Kenny Cochrane, Linkage to Care Coordinator, kcochrane@kdheks.gov, 785-296-3328
  • Evaluation and Planning Committee Liaison: Vacant
  • Membership Committee Liaison: Dominique Saunders, Viral Hepatitis Coordinator and HIV Public Health Educator, dsaunders@kdheks.gov, 785-296-0752
  • Quality Management Committee Chair/Liaison: Ebony Wardlaw, Quality Management Program Manager, ewardlaw@kdheks.gov, 785-291-3610


Steering Committee

KACHA is made up of a voting membership referred to as the Steering Committee. Steering Committee members are either Standing Members or Members At Large. Standing Members include members representing key stakeholder HIV/AIDS and other service providers. At Large Members include members reflective of the various geographic regions in Kansas and the communities most affected by HIV/AIDS in Kansas.

Currently the Steering Committee meets in-person twice per year and via conference call twice per year for a total of four meetings. Please refer to the calendar for dates and times of upcoming meetings and calls.

Minutes from calls and meetings:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Community Co-Chair, State Co-Chair, Secretary, and the Chairs of the Standing Committees. The KDHE Liaisons participate in the Executive Committee as advisors. The Executive Committee may act on matters in place of the Steering Committee between Steering Committee meetings, except on matters specifically reserved for the Steering Committee by the KACHA bylaws. The Executive Committee sets the agenda for all Steering Committee calls and meetings.

Minutes from calls and meetings:

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee advises, oversees, and maintains the Bylaws and Standard Operating Procedures developed by KACHA.
Minutes from calls and meetings:

Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee must have membership inclusive of HIV-positive members and shall educate the membership of KACHA and community members on current issues surrounding HIV.

Minutes from calls and meetings:

Evaluation and Planning Committee

The Evaluation and Planning Committee addresses any special needs of under-represented communities, programs and projects in Kansas. This committee is primarily tasked with assisting KDHE in developing statewide plans required by CDC and HRSA.
Minutes from calls and meetings:

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for evaluating, maintaining, and managing the quality and diversity of the membership of KACHA.

Minutes from calls and meetings:


Quality Management Committee
The Quality Management Committee is responsible for driving the statewide HIV quality program by building capacity and capability for quality improvement, reviewing program data, determining priorities for improvement and overseeing improvement projects.

Minutes from calls and meetings:

Key Products and Guidance

KACHA works with KDHE to develop various key products required by CDC and HRSA. The following sections include the products produced by KACHA as well as guidance documents and websites that are helpful in developing these products.

Kansas-Specific Information

2012 Kansas RW SCSN and Comprehensive Plan
2012 Kansas Jurisdictional HIV Prevention Plan
2012 HIV Prevention Comprehensive Plan
2011 Kansas HIV Prevention Services Needs Assessment
2010 Kansas Integrated HIV/AIDS Epidemiologic Profile
Kansas Quality Management Plan

Federal Guidance

CDC Jurisdictional Prevention Plan Guidance 2012
CDC Comprehensive Prevention Program Plan Guidance 2012
HRSA SCSN Guidance 2012
HRSA Comprehensive Plan Guidance 2012
National HIV/AIDS Strategy
CDC HIV Planning Guidance
HRSA Training Guide
CDC High-Impact HIV Prevention
Ryan White Program

KACHA Templates

Call/Meeting Agenda Template
Call/Meeting Minutes Template
Work Plan Template