HIV/AIDS Crossword Puzzle - Clues

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1. Type of testing when a person's name is not recorded.
4. Do, re, mi, __...
6. Using this or other drugs can lead to risk behavior.
10. Both women and ___ can be at risk for HIV infection.
11. Acronym for Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia.
12. Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, __...
15. Oral, anal, and _______ sex can lead to HIV infection.
17. Acronym for Western Blot, a type of HIV-antibody test.
19. ____ you could become HIV-infected through risky behavior.
20. A result of HIV infection.
22. Using precautions against HIV is recommended, unless you know for ____ your partner does not have HIV.
23. Oral, anal, ___ vaginal sex can lead to HIV infection.
24. You cannot get HIV-infected if you do this with your blood.
25. ____, anal, and vaginal sex can lead to HIV infection.
26. Acronym for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, a screening test for HIV antibody.
27. Abbreviation for antibody.
29. A long period of time.
30. '___ death do us part.
31. Acronym for American Medical Association.
32. Insect _____ do not spread HIV.
34. Abbreviation for California.
35. A small, mythical being with pointed ears, shoes, and cap.
36. It is __ responsibility to protect myself from HIV.
38. The ______ system acts as the body's defense against foreign substances.
40. Acronym for immunofluorescence assay, a type of HIV- antibody test.
42. Adam and ___.
43. People who have HIV may get these types of infections because HIV weakens the immune system.
46. A condom should be put __ after the penis becomes erect.
48. Abbreviation for opportunistic infection.
49. Use of alcohol and other _____ can lead to risk behavior.
52. Fluid from the mouth that does not transmit HIV.
55. Just do __!
56. Let's ___ the battle against HIV!
58. Acronym for didanosine, a drug used to slow HIV.
60. HIV may be spread if this is contaminated with blood when piercing ears, other body parts, or injecting steroids or other drugs.
62. Abbreviation for emergency room.
63. Proper cleaning of drug injection equipment involves cleaning with water and ______ several times.
64. Condoms made of this have been proven to be effective protection against HIV when used consistently and correctly.
67. _____, semen, and vaginal fluid are the most common fluids that cause HIV transmission.
71. ___ can protect yourself from HIV infection.
72. Abbreviation for saint.
73. Acronym for Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
74. Fluid produced from eyes that does not transmit HIV.



1. The most commonly available blood test to determine if a person has HIV looks for these substances which are produced in response to disease agents.
2. Sharp noise produced by a dog.
3. Type of precautions used to protect patients and health care workers from exposure to HIV.
5. Abbreviation for morning.
6. Oral, ____, and vaginal sex can lead to HIV infection.
7. This type of testing means a person's name is recorded.
8. Acronym for the virus that causes AIDS.
9. Abbreviation for Los Angeles.
11. An HIV-infected woman can infect her baby during this.
13. The ADA Act of 1990 protects persons with disabilities, including HIV, from this happening in the workplace or public accommodations.
14. Bites from these pests do not spread HIV.
16. Short for advertisement.
18. HIV-infected women can infect their babies through this.
20. Hugging is not __ HIV risk behavior.
21. Abbreviation for Supplemental Security Income.
28. Disease caused by bacteria which usually affects the lungs.
33. Blood, _____, and vaginal secretions are the most common fluids that can cause HIV infection.
37. Human Immunodeficiency _____.
39. Acronym for magnetic resonance imaging.
40. Short for identification.
41. Made of latex, the use of this during sex has been proven to be effective protection against HIV when used consistently and correctly.
44. Just say __!
45. ______ contact with an HIV-infected person does not put you at risk for HIV infection.
47. Spanish for "yes."
50. Fluid from the kidneys that does not transmit HIV.
51. Acronym for any of many diseases transmitted by sex.
53. It is against the ___ to intentionally infect someone with HIV.
54. Substance brought up from the stomach that does not transmit HIV.
56. The time between infection and development of enough antibody to show on the HIV test is the ______ period.
57. Product from the bowels that does not transmit HIV.
59. Oral, anal, and vaginal ___ can lead to HIV infection.
61. Just __ it!
63. Purchase.
65. First drug licensed in the U.S. that attacks HIV.
66. Acronym for equal rights amendment.
68. __, re, mi...
69. Exclamation of surprise.
70. Acronym for Kaposi's Sarcoma.