Counseling and Testing

Kansas HIV/AIDS Program

The primary goal of the Counseling, Testing and Referral (CTR) program is to provide HIV prevention counseling, testing, referral, and partner notification services for Kansans who are HIV-infected and/or engaging in behaviors that cause them to be at risk for contracting HIV. The counseling and testing program is funded by HIV prevention monies, which come from the CDC and the State's general fund.

KDHE currently supplies tests for HIV CTR sites serving those who are at-risk for contracting HIV. The CTR program provides testing for clients who voluntarily choose to be counseled and tested for HIV antibody, except under specific circumstances as mandated by law. Find a Testing site near you:

In the State of Kansas, the law requires the availability of anonymous (no name/personal identifiers) testing throughout the state. Following this charge, KDHE has made available anonymous testing at counseling and testing sites that send specimens to the State Lab. There is a public counseling and testing site within a 100-mile radius of anywhere in Kansas. All tests are held to strict confidentiality requirements. All tests are sent to the state's Division of Health and Environmental Laboratories.

National Testing Awareness Days

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