WORK Self-Direction Training and

Assessment Materials

Working Healthy - Making Health Care Work

The purpose of this self-direction training manual and assessment is to give you information about how to hire, train, manage and dismiss your own personal assistants. This means that you have control over your own life, but it also comes with many responsibilities - as you will now be an employer and responsible for all that comes with that. The manual will give you directions on how to handle issues that come up and how to develop your own system for self-direction. The first half of the manual will focus on how to develop forms for your “Staff-Hiring and Management” notebook. The second half will focus on how to develop forms for your “Staff-Training” notebook. Assessments for each section are also provided.

Read through the manual and follow the directions for each section that applies to you and your needs, then taken the assessments for each section. An answer key is provided to check your answers - if you find you've gotten anything wrong, please go back to the manual and brush up on the material! Good Luck!

Self-Direction Instructional Manual (pdf, 92 pp)

Part One Assessment Questions (pdf, 16 pp)

Part Two Assessment Questions (pdf, 12 pp)

Answer Key to Assessment Questions (pdf, 5 pp)