Fall 2013 Flu Vaccine Information

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Flu Clinics Sponsored by the State Employee Health Plan


The following information has been provided to assist health plan members on Plans A, B and C who will be obtaining flu shots this year. Flu shots are eligible for 100% coverage under the health plan preventative care benefit when received from a Network provider. Here’s how:

For All Health Plans: If the member uses a Network provider and the only service billed is for the flu shot, the claim is paid in full by the health plan. If you receive a flu shot at a provider’s office and the provider bills for an office visit in addition to the flu shot, the member will be responsible for the office visit copay.  Ask the provider’s office how the service will be billed before services are provided.

Flu shots are covered at 100% when provided by network providers only.  Each of the health plans uses a different Network of providers. The following information summarizes their Network options for flu shots. Many pharmacies across the state administer flu vaccine to adults. These are not network providers unless there is a contracting clinic within the pharmacy. If you have additional questions or need assistance in finding a Network provider, please call your health plan’s customer service at the number on the back of your ID card or listed below.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS)
Flu shots are covered when it is performed by an eligible Network provider. BCBS contracts with most of the county health departments in the State. Check the Network listing for available providers. BCBSKS indicates that along with health departments and physician offices, the following companies are also contracting to provide flu shots:

  • Walgreens Take Care Clinics

Flu shots provided by Walgreen’s stores without Take Care Clinics are not eligible providers and not covered. For additional information on eligible providers, please contact BCBS Customer Service at: 1.800.332.0307.

A flu shot is covered when it is performed by an eligible Network provider. Flu shots are being offered at no charge in some community locations around the State. Coventry indicates they are working with the following companies to provide flu shots:

  • CVS Pharmacies (must be administered by the pharmacist at CVS in order for there to be no charge)
  • Auburn Pharmacies (various locations in KS and MO)
  • Gardner HealthMart Pharmacy (Gardner, KS)
  • Walgreens Take Care Clinics

Please check each community location for specific age requirements related to children and adolescents. You must present your Coventry member ID card to receive a flu shot. For questions on eligible providers, please contact Customer Service at: 1.855.326.2088.

A flu shot is covered when it is performed by an eligible Network provider. Those enrolled in UHC, are also eligible to use the following locations that are considered network providers:

  • Walgreens Take Care Clinics                                                     
  • CVS Minute Clinics                                                                   
  • CVS Pharmacy                                                                         
  • Target Pharmacy                                                                      
  • Mollen Immunization Clinics                                                      
  • ShopKo Pharmacy (eff. 8-1-2-13)                                              
  • Safeway Pharmacy
  • Summit Health (eff. 8-1-2013 retail locations in Walmart & Sam’s Club)
  • The Little Clinic (Kroger Grocery Stores)
  • Target Clinic
  • Rite-Aid Pharmacy
  • Walgreens Pharmacy
  • Kmart Pharmacy (eff. 8-1-2013)
  • Meijer Pharmacy (eff. 8-1-2013)

To verify network participation of community locations please contact Customer Service at 1.866.799.1324.

Additional Opportunities
The State Employee Health Plan (SEHP) will offer flu shot clinics that are open to health plan members including employees and spouses between the ages of 18 and 65. You will need to bring your CAREMARK ID card to access the program and the Caremark ID# must be written on the top of the consent form.   These clinics will offer the flu shot only and not the pneumonia vaccine.


Information updated 8/12/13