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Coventry Advantra Freedom PPO and Coventry Advantra Liberty PPO are now available for Direct Bill members enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. The Medicare Advantage Plans fall under the Part C of Medicare. You have peace of mind knowing that Coventry Advantra meets all of Medicare’s stringent regulations and offers you more benefits with no upfront deductibles.

Coventry Advantra Freedom and Coventry Advantra Liberty PPO offerings have a choice of Coventry Part D or Aetna Part D prescription drug coverage. Enrollment in "Private Market" Part D coverage is not allowed with either of the Coventry Advantra PPO options.

Coventry receives Medicare reimbursements that allow them to offer these PPO options with enhanced benefits that are significantly lower monthly premiums than other policies. Direct Bill members enrolled in Advantra PPO Plans continue to pay the Part B premium and a monthly premium for either of the Advantra Plans. You do not need to buy additional supplemental Medicare insurance.

The Advantra plans are filed and approved for the entire states of:

  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma
  • Arkansas

If you consider either of the Advantra PPO Plans, you need to make sure you have access to a preferred provider to receive in network services. To view either the Advantra Freedom or Advantra Liberty PPO provider directories, go to and click on Coventry Advantra or contact Coventry customer service at 1-855-322-7558.

This year you have the options of reviewing and choosing which Advantra PPO offering that will work for you. Compare the differences listed on page 25 of the Enrollment book. You can review the monthly premiums, out of pocket maximums and differences in covered services (ie. Hospital Stays, Office Visit Copays and the different drug plans available) that will be best for you.  

These plans provide members the ability to seek care without referral from any physician enrolled as a Medicare provider however you will receive the highest level of benefit if you seek care from doctors who are part of the Coventry PPO Network Providers.  

Additional Coventry Advantra Freedom and Coventry Advantra Liberty PPO Services

  • Both Coventry Advantra offerings will allow members the SilverSneaker Program. This benefit provides unlimited access to participating fitness centers anywhere in the country at no extra charge.
  • Member Communication reminders for preventive services that are important for your overall health.