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CVS Caremark Documents

Caremark Claim Reimbursement Form |

Caremark Home Delivery Form |

Caremark Discount Tier Meds - (includes Non-Sedating Allergy Meds)

Caremark Generics (2012 through 2016)

Caremark Oral Oncology Drug List - Effective 10-01-12

Caremark Injectable Drug List - Effective 06-01-12

Caremark Special CASE Drug List - Revised 06-01-12

Caremark SPECIALITY Drug List - Revised 02-01-14

Caremark Performance Drug List - Preferred vs Non-Preferred

CVS Caremark Website

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  • Review your claim history
  • Ask-A-Pharmacist
  • Learn about mediciations
  • Order prescriptions for home delivery
  • Find information on your plan and benefits
  • Find savings opportunities