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Surency is pleased to announce that we will be your NEW vision provider for the State Employee Health Plan for the plan year 2016.  We may not be a familiar provider name but you do know our sister company, Delta Dental.  We are very excited to become your vision plan provider for years to come.  We have two options available the Basic and Enhanced Vision Plan Coverage.  Eye Exams are still covered with a $50 copay for either plan if you are not already getting the preventive vision exam thru your medical coverage. 

Basic Vision Plan Coverage
A $25 material copay to lenses (also applies to frame purchases but not contacts), then the policy covers:

  • 100% on single-vision, standard bifocal, trifocal, or lenticular lenses.
  • Up to $100 retail allowance for frames
  • Elective contact lens allowance of up to $150 (must be used all at once)
  • Home delivery of contacts at:
  • Allowances available now for Polycarbonate, Scratch and UV coating.
  • Contact lens fitting fee (with a $35 copay for standard contact lenses)

Enhanced Vision Plan Coverage
The Enhanced vision plan includes all Basic plan coverage, along with:

  • Standard progressive lenses covered up to $165
  • High-index lenses or poly-carbonate lenses covered up to $116
  • Polycarbonate, Scratch and UV coating covered in full
  • Frame allowance on Enhanced plan is now $150 retail allowance

Special Features from Surency Vision
Contact Lens and Frame Allowance available each year. You may use your contact lens benefit AND your frame allowance in the same plan year. The eye glass lenses would still be member responsibility, as your lens allowance was already utilized.  But, you would have the additional benefit of the frame allowance that previously was not available.

Additional Discounts with Network Providers are available for the below services (see the Certificate of Insurance for full details).  These discounts are available from Network providers unless the provider directory states ““May not accept all additional plan discounts” in the provider directory. Please note additional discounts are not available from Non Network providers.

  • 20% Discount for lens add-ons or upgrades not otherwise covered by the plan.
  • 20% Discount for frames costing above the plan allowance.
  • 40% Discount on additional pairs of glasses (unlimited).