Preferred Lab Benefit Program


Active State, Non State Employer Group and NON-MEDICARE ELIGIBLE Retiree/Direct Bill Members

To use the Preferred Lab Benefit:

For Plan A - present your State Employee Health Plan ID card identifying your membership. When you use a participating laboratory, either Quest Diagnostics or Stormont-Vail/Cotton-O’Neil, for testing that is covered and approved by your health benefit plan, you pay no deductibles, copays or coinsurance.

For Plan C - Effective April 1, 2014, Plan C members are eligible to participate in a new Preferred Lab Program which offers you and your covered dependents discounted pricing on covered outpatient laboratory testing, when the testing is performed by Quest Diagnostics or Stormont Vail/Cotton O'Neil Laboratories. All of your services (except preventive care) will be applied to your deductible first.
NOTE: You may pay these claims with your Health Savings Account dollars.

If your doctor doesn’t use Quest Diagnostics or you are not a Cotton-O’Neil patient, bring the lab orders from your doctor to one of the locations provided by Quest Diagnostics or Stormont-Vail/Cotton O’Neil to have the lab work done and receive the benefit.

BCBS MEMBERS:  The local BCBS plan of the physician that ordered the lab test will process your lab claim.  If your provider is outside of BCBS of Kansas area, Quest may not be a network provider for that BCBS plan and the claim may be subject to non network benefits.

You must verbally request to use your Preferred Lab Benefit.

The Preferred Lab Benefit Program does NOT cover:

  • Testing ordered during hospitalization
  • Lab work needed on an emergency or STAT basis
  • Testing done at any other laboratory
  • Non-Laboratory work such as mammography, x-rays, imaging and dental work
  • Time sensitive, esoteric testing such as fertility testing, bone marrow studies and spinal fluid tests
  • Testing not approved and/or covered by the State of Kansas Plans A or B
  • Lab work billed to your health plan by your doctor or another laboratory

The Preferred Lab Benefit is completely voluntary. If you and your health care provider choose to use a lab other than those provided by either Quest Diagnostics or Stormont-Vail HealthCare you still have laboratory coverage. However, you will be responsible for any deductible, copayments or coinsurance applied by the health plan.

Quest Diagnostics offers collection sites at various locations throughout the State of Kansas and nationwide. Also, you can arrange to have specimens picked up from your doctor’s office. All it takes is a telephone call to the number on the back of your Quest ID card.

Stormont Vail/Cotton O’Neil offers 9 locations in northeast Kansas, for all State Employee Health Plan members. You do not have to be a Cotton O’Neil patient to access this benefit. Lab orders from your physician are required.