Plan Year 2017 Information

Plan A:
      •  Aetna: Plan A
      •  BCBS: Plan A
      •  Caremark: Plan A

Plan C:
      •  Aetna: Plan C
      •  BCBS: Plan C
      •  Caremark: Plan C
      •  Optum Health Savings Account (HSA)
      •  Optum Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) |

Comparison of Plans A and C on a Claim

New Item Coverage Advisor - Optum tool to Compare Plans A and C

Active State Employees

Summary of Benefits and Coverage |

2017 Active State Employee Enrollment Book |

2017 Active State Employee Rates |

COBRA Participants

2017 COBRA Enrollment Book |

2017 COBRA Rates

Non State Employer Group Employees

2017 Non State Employer Group Enrollment Book |

Retiree/Direct Bill Participants

2017 Retiree/Direct Bill Enrollment Book |

2017 Retiree/Direct Bill Non-Medicare Rates |

2017 Retiree/Direct Bill Medicare Rates