Group Long Term Care Insurance Program

For State Employees and Retirees Only

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Current Benefits Eligible Employees: Benefits eligible employees, their spouses and other eligible family members will still be able to apply for coverage under the program at any time, however, a Full Underwriting will be required for enrollment. With Full Underwriting, you will need to complete a Long Form application which includes a full medical questionnaire, to be approved for coverage.

New Hire Employees: The only exception to the Full Underwriting process are New Hire employees and their spouses. Once the employee becomes benefits eligible, the will have 30 days to apply for coverage with the following underwriting requirements:

New Hire Underwriting

Employees < age 66 No Medical Underwriting
Spouses < age 66 Streamlined Underwriting (short form application)
Employees age 66 to 69 Streamlined Underwriting (short form application)
Spouses > age 66 Full underwriting (long form application)
Employees > age 69 Full underwriting (long form application)

Eligibility Reminder: The following groups are eligible to apply for the State of Kansas Group Long Term Care Insurance Program.

Eligible Employees and Retirees aged 18+

  • Any actively-at-work, benefits eligible State of Kansas employee - either newly hired or existing
  • Any benefits eligible State of Kansas retiree under the age of 80

Eligible Family Members aged 18-79

  • Spouses of any benefits eligible State of Kansas Employee - either newly hired or existing
  • Benefits eligible surviving spouses
  • Spouses of benefits eligible State of Kansas retirees
  • Adult children
  • Siblings, parents, parents-in-law and step parents and parents-in-law
  • Grandparents, grandparents-in-law and step grandparents and grand parents-in-law

For more information on the State of Kansas Group Long Term Care Insurance Program, employees and their family members can visit the Genworth website to view rates and plan options. New hires can also enroll on this site.

  • Go to:
  • Enter Group ID: KAN
  • Enter Access Code: groupltc
  • Enter the state of residence, applicant type (Employee, Spouse or Other) and answer the Date of Hire question

Call Genworth toll free at 1-888-285-4889 to speak to a program expert or order an information kit.