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FSA Questions and Answers

Reminder: Dependent Care FSA funds do not rollover.
The deadline to submit your dependent care expenses against your 2019 Plan Year is April 30, 2020.
The deadline to submit your dependent care expenses against your 2018 Plan Year is April 30, 2019.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) allows you to set aside funds on a pre-tax basis for any qualified medical, dental, vision, or daycare expense. There are three accounts you can enroll in, the Healthcare FSA, Limited Purpose FSA, and Dependent Care FSA.

  • The Healthcare FSA allows you to be reimbursed for any qualified medical, dental, or vision expense that is not covered by insurance. Common expenses for the Healthcare FSA include copays, prescriptions, eye glasses, and dental services such as orthodontics.
  • If you participate in the Health Savings Account (HSA), you can enroll in the Limited Purpose FSA which allows you to be reimbursed for any qualified dental or vision expense while you save your HSA dollars for future medical expenses.
  • If you have a dependent under the age of 13 or adult dependent that is physically or mentally incapable of self-care (must spend at least 8 hours in your household), then a Dependent Care FSA can reimburse you for any daycare costs. Common expenses for the Dependent Care FSA include daycare centers, before/after school care, and adult daycare centers.

Carryover up to $500 in unused Healthcare or Limited Purpose FSA Funds
FSA participants can carry over up to $500 of remaining FSA funds into the next plan year and those funds may be used for qualified medical expenses incurred during that year. This valuable feature gives you the flexibility to spend your FSA funds at a future date and reduces the likelihood that your unused funds will be forfeited. The carryover will not count against your annual election and your cumulative carryover balance from year to year cannot exceed $500. Remaining Health/Limited FSA funds will automatically be carried over to the type of FSA in which you are currently enrolled, as long as the balance is $25 or greater. If the balance is below $25, funds will not automatically carry over and will only be accessible during the run out period. After the run out period, any remaining balance will be forfeited.

Reminder: Dependent Care FSA funds do not rollover and the deadline to submit your dependent care expenses is April 30, 2019.

Easily access your FSA funds with direct deposit and free debit card
During enrollment, you'll complete a mandatory direct-deposit form, and you will receive your free Kansas debit card. By using your debit card, you'll rarely have out of pocket expenses; you’ll have access to the full plan year amount on January 1, 2019; and you'll eliminate paper claim submissions. Remember, the debit card is not a paperless form of reimbursement. You may still have to submit supporting documentation for your expenses if requested by NueSynergy.
Note: Reimbursements are provided via direct deposit.
For more information, including tools and calculators, FAQs, eligible expenses, Direct Deposit setup forms and more, visit www.MyKansasCDH.com

FSA 2019 Payroll Deduction Table