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2018 Delta Dental Benefit Description

To print your ID Card, go to Delta Dental Subscribers and choose Subscriber Connection

Member only Dental coverage will now have a semi monthly premium of $6.00. Employees can now opt out of enrolling in dental coverage or elect a different tier election than their medical enrollment.

Any Dependents enrolled in dental coverage must be enrolled in medical coverage. Dependent dental coverage may not be dropped during the plan year unless dependent medical coverage is also dropped due to a qualifying event.

You have access to two Delta Dental provider networks. 

Delta Dental PPO Network -  The PPO Network Providers have agreed to a reduced fee for providing dental services. As a result, you generally pay a lower percentage of the total bill than you would when using a Premier (or Non Network) Provider. The PPO network for our group includes all PPO providers in the national DeltaUSA PPO network. Participants have the option to use the PPO providers whenever desired.

Delta Dental Premier Network - Delta Premier Dentists agree to accept the plan allowance as payment in full. You will be responsible for paying only the specific Coinsurance and Deductibles for covered services in addition to any services not covered.

See page 20 in the 2017 Enrollment Book for Basic and Enhanced Coverage information.