State Employee Health Plan (SEHP)

Plan Year 2017 Information

Plan Year 2016 Information Email the SEHP at:
      •  Health Plan –
      •  Membership –
State Employee Health Plan FAX: 785-368-7180


HealthQuest |
Membership Administration Portal (MAP)

Plan Year 2017 Information
      •  Coverage Advisor - Optum tool to Compare Plans A and C

Plan Year 2017 Enrollment Booklets – Comparison Charts are included
      •  Active State Employee |
      •  Non State Employer Group Employee |
      •  COBRA Participants |
      •  Retiree/Direct Bill Participants |
Employee Guidebooks
      •  Active State
      •  Dependent Documentation
      •  Non State Employer Group

Alphabetical Listing of Programs
Aetna - Plan A and Plan C |
Aetna Part D Medicare Prescription Drug |
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas - Plan A, Plan C and Kansas Senior Plan C |
Caremark Prescription Drug |
Castlight |
Colonial Life |
Coventry Advantra Plans
Delta Dental |
Flexible Spending Accounts - For State Employees Only
Flu Shot Clinic Information
Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms
Health Reimbursement Account With Plan C – Optum (formerly US Bank)
Health Reimbursement Account Required Documentation |
Health Savings Account With Plan C – Optum (formerly US Bank)
HealthQuest |
HealthyKIDS - For State Employees Only
Long Term Care Insurance - For State Employees and Retirees Only
Membership Administration Portal (MAP) |
NueSynergy - Vendor for Flexible Spending Accounts
Newsletters for SEHP Members  
Non State Employer Group Information Packet - 2017 |
Open Enrollment Presentations  for Plan Year 2017
Preferred Lab Benefit Program
      •  Quest Diagnostics Preferred Lab Benefit
      •  Stormont Vail/Cotton O’Neil Preferred Lab Benefit
Rx Savings Solutions - Benefit to Address Prescription Drug Costs
State Employee Health Plan Contacts |
Summary of Benefits and Coverage |
Surency Vision |
Vendor Apps |
Vendor Webinars