State Employee Health Plan (SEHP)

Plan Year 2017 Information

The State Employee Health Plan is partnering with AON Hewitt in completing this audit. AON Hewitt is responsible for all communication regarding the audit and collecting the documents requested. Please follow the instructions in the notification and call the number provided in the communication if you have questions. If you have not received anything from AON Hewitt, you do not need to do anything.

Plan Year 2016 Information Email the SEHP at:
      •  Health Plan –
      •  Membership –
State Employee Health Plan FAX: 785-368-7180


HealthQuest |
Membership Administration Portal (MAP)

Plan Year 2017 Information
      •  Coverage Advisor - Optum tool to Compare Plans A and C

Plan Year 2017 Enrollment Booklets – Comparison Charts are included
      •  Active State Employee |
      •  Non State Employer Group Employee |
      •  COBRA Participants |
      •  Retiree/Direct Bill Participants |
Employee Guidebooks
      •  Active State
      •  Dependent Documentation
      •  Non State Employer Group

Alphabetical Listing of Programs
Aetna - Plan A and Plan C |
Aetna Part D Medicare Prescription Drug |
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas - Plan A, Plan C and Kansas Senior Plan C |
Caremark Prescription Drug |
Castlight |
Colonial Life |
Coventry Advantra Plans
Delta Dental |
Flexible Spending Accounts - For State Employees Only
Flu Shot Clinic Information
Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms
Health Reimbursement Account With Plan C – Optum (formerly US Bank)
Health Reimbursement Account Required Documentation |
Health Savings Account With Plan C – Optum (formerly US Bank)
HealthQuest |
HealthyKIDS - For State Employees Only
Long Term Care Insurance - For State Employees and Retirees Only
Membership Administration Portal (MAP) |
NueSynergy - Vendor for Flexible Spending Accounts
Newsletters for SEHP Members  
Non State Employer Group Information Packet - 2017 |
Open Enrollment Presentations  for Plan Year 2017
Preferred Lab Benefit Program
      •  Quest Diagnostics Preferred Lab Benefit
      •  Stormont Vail/Cotton O’Neil Preferred Lab Benefit
Rx Savings Solutions - Benefit to Address Prescription Drug Costs
State Employee Health Plan Contacts |
Summary of Benefits and Coverage |
Surency Vision |
Vendor Apps |
Vendor Webinars