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HealthQuest in partnership with Cerner, have created a wellness program to help you improve and maintain your health through personalized programs, activities and evaluations. This year, there are a few exciting enhancements to the program, including:

  • Access to a new, user-friendly wellness portal.

  • Spouses enrolled in the State Employee Plan (SEHP) now have the opportunity to participate in the HealthQuest Rewards Program for a financial incentive.

  • Access to a Health Coach – to schedule calls or face to face sessions and send email messages.

  • Direct link to the NEW Naturally Slim Weight Management Program.

  • Group and individual challenges.

  • HealthyNow App to stay connected on the go.

  • Connectivity to different Activity Trackers.

  • The Nutrition Resource Center.

  • And so much more!.

Be sure to complete the Required Health Assessment and obtain your biometric values. As you make progress through the HealthQuest program, your homepage will change right along with you!.

Your HealthQuest program is a multifaceted approach to preventive health care and wellness. Whether you want to improve your diet, make a plan to lose weight or get tips on how to de-stress, we can help!.

Thank you

The HealthQuest Team


Who is Eligible to Use The Portal?

  • Benefits eligible State and Non State employees who are enrolled in the State Employee Health Plan or who have waived coverage in the plan

  • Spouses who are enrolled in the State Employee Health Plan


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