Life Transition Coaching

One of Several Coaching Opportunities Offered by the HealthQuest EAP

Transitions in our personal and professional lives are inevitable, challenging, and stressful. Whether we are choosing to make a change - or if change is being thrust upon us - we can either resist or embrace the experience. When maximized and leveraged appropriately, transitions are strategic opportunities to self-manage and to practice healthy interpersonal communication habits.

Keeping our interpersonal communication skills and emotional habits in check is essential to making graceful transitions. How we choose to manage emotions and behavior as well as express ourselves during the tides of change determines the degrees of meaning, satisfaction, and success we achieve. During transitions, we can demonstrate character and intentionally shift the trajectory of our lives, careers, and relationships.

Everyone we know and meet is in some stage of transition at any given time. Some transitions are more significant than others. Life-changing events such as relocating, starting a new job or business, retiring, can be some of the most exciting and fun times in our lives. However, there is often a normal and natural degree of anxiety or nervous energy that accompanies these types of major change. Adjusting to any significant change in life can all be emotionally taxing. If not managed well, the stress we feel during transitions can influence how we communicate and adversely affect our relationships.

Transitions are a process. Although the job we do or our geographic location may change overnight, there are emotions and energy that we must move through and manage during transitions. For these reasons, transitions are excellent times to begin a life transition coaching program.

How Does Life Coaching Work?
Your HealthQuest EAP Life Coach will create a partnership designed to help you produce fulfilling results in your personal and professional life outside of the traditional "counseling" setting. The Life Coaching Program is designed to help the employee reach their goal in four (4) to six (6) sessions. The HealthQuest EAP Life Coaching Program is confidential and free.

Due to the popularity of this program, participation is limited. We ask all employees to commit to the following requirements in order to participate:

  • Commit to all coaching sessions
  • Complete several short coaching assignments
  • Make the scheduled calls to the Coach
  • Provide an evaluation of the program upon completion

Getting Started is Easy
To enroll in the Life Coaching Program just call toll-free 1-888-275-1205 (select option 7). All calls to the HealthQuest EAP are confidential.

Who is Eligible to Participate in Life Coaching?

  • Life Coaching is offered at no cost to all active benefits-eligible employees of the State of Kansas and Non State Employer Groups.
  • Spouses, Dependents, Retirees and COBRA are not eligible to participate.

Other Coaching Opportunities

Managing Stress and Building Resiliency
Employees who participate in the Stress Management Coaching Program will work through a six-session program with their coach to evaluate how stress is impacting their lives physically and emotionally, their relationships, and their careers. The coach will help guide the employee through specific exercises designed to help them determine their priorities and eliminate or restructure the aspects of their lives that are draining them of their energy and direction. The coach will help reprogram negative thinking and self-talk into empowering inner conversations that will help eliminate, or at least minimize, self-destructive stress-related thoughts and actions.

Job Performance Improvement and Career Strengthening
The coach will assist in increasing an individual's knowledge and thought processes with a particular task or process and create a supportive environment that develops critical-thinking skills, ideas, and behaviors about their job. The goal is to encourage employees to be flexible, multitalented, inquisitive, and entrepreneurial. The coach will help the employee develop a step-by-step plan for strengthening their performance, learn about themselves with emphasis on identifying strengths and interests, develop their potential, and apply their strengths and interests at work.

Building Sound Relationships
Employees learn interpersonal skills for effective talking, listening, conflict resolution, and emotion management. We will coach the employee to express themselves more clearly and effectively communicate this to their spouse, loved ones, coworkers, or others. Objectives of the program include: (1) Increasing awareness of the effects and consequences of passive, aggressive, and assertive communication. (2) Learning the technique of assertive communication, a skill that communicates respect, improves interpersonal communication, and increases the likelihood of cooperation, compromise, and teamwork. (3) Learning techniques to overcome barriers for practicing appropriate communications.