Short-Term Personal & Family Counseling

Since 1989, the HealthQuest Employee Assistance Program has been providing benefits-eligible employees and their families a wide array of services that help balance work and home in today’s fast-paced, sometimes stress-filled world. One of the most frequently used services is Personal and Family Counseling. Almost 70 percent of all the calls taken by the 24/7 Help Line result in a request to visit an EAP counselor in the employee’s local community for face-to-face help.

The Short-Term Personal and Family Counseling Program provides up to four sessions of counseling for each issue and can be used effectively to help with a wide variety of issues including the following:

  • Working through a marital or family related conflict or problem
  • Dealing with situational problems or life-change events such as bereavement, relocation, retirement, job change or loss, etc
  • Gaining insight for parenting challenges or dependent care concerns
  • Developing improved interpersonal communications skills
  • Improving stress management and resiliency techniques
  • Attaining a better understanding of yourself and your personal goals and values
  • Overcoming specific problems such as anxiety, depression, or substance abuse
  • Resolving a work-related conflict or problem

If long-term counseling or treatment appears necessary after the initial visit(s), your EAP counselor will advise you of additional counseling benefits that may be available through your health plan or other community resources.

Philosophy of Care
The HealthQuest EAP philosophy of care is a commitment to short-term, goal-oriented problem resolution. By utilizing this approach, many of the employees and family members who use the EAP service will resolve problems without requiring additional referrals to the health plan, community resources or other longer-term services. Most problems can be resolved or drastically improved through a directive approach to counseling that focuses on utilizing employee and family member strengths rather than exploring weaknesses. To accomplish this goal, the EAP’s clinical approach is on helping the employee change within the context of their environment both at home and at work. This goal-oriented approach gives employees the tools and confidence to resolve their concerns, and can help long after the counseling has ended. The counselors rely heavily on Motivational Enhancement Therapy that helps employees initiate behavioral change and more effectively resolve ambivalence.

A Network of Caring EAP Counselors
The HealthQuest EAP has developed a network of EAP counselors and specialists in 47 cities across the State of Kansas. They have been meticulously chosen based on their experience and a rigorous credentialing process. They all must possess a minimum of a master’s degree, many have a PhD, must have at least 5 years experience, and are licensed by the State to practice in Kansas. You will be pleasantly surprised at their down-to-earth caring professionalism. Many employees who have used the program tell us how amazed they are at how easy and comfortable it has been to talk with an EAP counselor.

Overcoming the Barrier
Employees who have never taken advantage of the Personal Counseling Program tell us they were very apprehensive and unsure of what to expect. However, almost without exception, they told us that talking to an EAP counselor was surprisingly easy. They felt comfortable, felt at home, and were treated with care and concern. One employee said, “It was helpful just to know that someone understands. The counseling gave me a fresh perspective on a difficult problem and offered a number of possible solutions.”  The benefits you obtain from using the HealthQuest EAP depend on how well you use the process and put into practice what you learn. So go ahead and call, you’ve got nothing to lose and remember it’s free!

Easy to Use
HealthQuest EAP counselors are available 24/7 at 1-888-275-1205 (option 7) to provide immediate care, concern, and assistance because life’s questions don’t always come between 8 and 5. TDD/TT 800-766-3777. When you call, one of the HealthQuest EAP counselors will:

  • Provide any immediate help, assistance or guidance you may need or,
  • Connect you with a specialist for assistance with childcare, personal money management, eldercare, legal advice, coaching, etc. or
  • Help you make an appointment with a HealthQuest EAP counselor for a face-to-face visit in your community.