Building a Home Budget

With the holidays fast approaching, it is only natural that we’ll spend time thinking about money. And especially in today's current economic situation, personal money management can be a very important component of effectively navigating through the stress and anxiety “storm” that many of us face. 

The new online video, Building a Home Budget, from your HealthQuest Employee Assistance Program (EAP), might just be the resource you have been looking for.

This informative, 30 minute video reviews the basic principles of building a workable, family-oriented home budget.  The video covers the purpose of a budget, the different functions of a budget, how to analyze family cash flow, how to build a budget that works for your family, and offers numerous ways to save more money.  The video also includes a discussion of how making good choices about spending and saving can have a big payoff down the road.   Just click to get started.

Remember also, the HealthQuest EAP is a great place to start if you have questions or concerns about your family’s budget. Your HealthQuest EAP provides complimentary telephonic consultations regarding the following:

  • home budgeting

  • wise use of credit

  • debt consolidation

  • credit matters

  • tax issues and concerns

  • college funding

  • estate planning

  • investments

  • retirement planning

Call confidentially 24/7 at 1-800-284-7575  to get connected with licensed CPA’s, Certified Financial Planners, and other specialists with a broad range of experience in financial services and personal money management.