Plug Into a New Lifestyle

Self-Help Tools Can Work

Self-help books, tapes and CDs—do they work to improve your self-image, attitude—your life?  Yes, but to maximize the power of these tools, match the subject of the motivational program to what you desire most to gain or change.  Is conquering procrastination your goal?  Or is making a big lifestyle change your biggest challenge? 

Most motivational material has something in it for everyone, but fit the material to your most burning need.  If you don’t, it can end up in your “stack of stuff” and nothing much will ever happen.  Establish a regular routine of use.  Don’t skip a day.  Regular use helps interrupt an unproductive pattern of thinking or behaving and prevents its return.  Repeat the program.  Repeated reading or listening does more than reinforce the message.  It contributes to the new mental reflexes of thinking habits described in the program that you seek to acquire.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat - Action is the Key

Can anyone create a new life improvement change in 30 days just by repeating the desired behavior every day without skipping a day?  Although this strategy is often dismissed as a bit of myth, there is some truth to this concept of changing one’s behavior.  The idea of creating a new habit in 30 days (21 days is also a commonly advocated period of time) has been extensively researched and recommended by leaders in self-improvement psychology.  If you try it, be sure to include two important factors beyond your desire for success.  First, the desire to be successful is less important than planning and ultimately implementing the repetitive plan.  While wanting the change badly enough is important remember, action is the key. 

The other factor is the ability to recover quickly from a setback or straying from your plan.  These two factors in combination are strong predictors of how successful you will be with the “30 days to a new lifestyle” strategy. 

Setback? Setback?  Setback?   LIFELINE Can Help

Setbacks are a common part of making changes in the way we live. Let’s face it-we’re only human.   If you seem to be having an unusual number of “setbacks” as you change your lifestyle, and would like some suggestions, give us a confidential call at 800-284-7575.