Health Coaching for Lifestyle Changes

Worth 10 Credits for the HealthQuest Rewards Program
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Health Coaching is designed to support you in making positive lifestyle changes. Your personal health coach will provide the tools, motivation and support to help you:

  • Lose weight - Read Testimonial

  • Be more active

  • Ease stress

  • Eat healthier foods

  • Gain energy

  • Be more confident

Call today to enroll in telephonic coaching or enroll online at Participation can also include online communication (email and IM chat). Coaches may reach out to you via mailings and phone calls to introduce the program and offer you an opportunity to particpate.

To learn more, download these educational materials:


Who is Eligible to Participate in Health Coaching?

  • Benefits eligible State and Non State employees who are enrolled in the State Employee Health Plan or who have waived coverage in the plan
  • Retirees and spouses who are enrolled in the medical portion State Employee Health Plan



I truly enjoyed my health coach. She was so motivating and she knew where I was wanting to go. She helped me be more in-tuned to what I needed to do to meet my goals in weight loss. Being able to schedule our conversations at a good time for me was an excellent idea. We even discussed my husband's health which may have led to me having him longer with a small change in the way I prepare our meals. Thank you for offering this great program for me and the other State employees.
Dee Gehring - Lansing Correctional Facility

I was wanting to lose weight and needed to for my health. When I took my health assessment, I filled out information for a health coach to contact me. In the past year, I have lost twenty pounds and have dropped two sizes in my clothing. My health coach was great; she encouraged me even on months when I was hard on myself. She celebrated and encouraged me in my small victories. It truly is a life style change that I had to make in my mind first and then put it into action by stepping back from the foods that were not good for me and choosing something different. I learned about my craving and with a list that my health coach sent to me by e-mail I was able to substitute something good for something bad. Instead of eating salty potato chips, sucking on sunflower seeds still gave me the salt I wanted and made me work for the seed. I gave up pop and a lot of sweet drinks. I now drink more water based products - a lot of decaf tea and flavored waters. Using hot water with a tea bag and then reheating it later gives the water flavor. I learned what caused me to eat certain foods if I was stressed, upset or calm. We talked about really measuring a serving size out in a can and finding things to go with it to make a meal. This year when I did my health screening, my cholesterol count and sugar count were both down in the normal area. I also learned different exercise techniques that worked for me. I do not like a gym, but am walking more and have several machines that I use especially in the winter time when I do not want to be outside.
Pam - Kansas State University

I have signed up for the stress management program and have already taken the preliminary survey things so next week I am ready to start that one.  I have started some counseling and my counselor told me that we would be digging up some stuff that would make me exhausted and irritable and stressed.  She also advised exercise and meditation periods to help deal with this stuff … I am looking forward to the Alere program to see how that will coordinate with what I am already doing.
Mary, Topeka