Wellness Challenges

Each Challenge is Worth 5 Credits for the HealthQuest Rewards Program

Challenges are designed to give eligible members the opportunity to practice healthy behaviors. Challenges focus on key behaviors such as physical activity, nutrition, weight management and stress management that help to lower health risks. Research shows these behaviors enhance the health and quality of life for individuals that include them in their daily lifestyle.

Below are the wellness challenges being offered during the 2016 HealthQuest program year (November 16, 2015 - November 15, 2016). Each challenge can only be accessed through the wellness portal during the timeframe specified. Participants track their progress daily or weekly on the portal while working toward the goal of the challenge. Credits will be awarded on the portal automatically upon completion of each challenge.

Healthy Holidays November 23, 2015 - January 1, 2016
Water Works January 18 - February 12, 2016
Fast Break to Fitness March 14 - April 8, 2016
EAT MOVE SLEEP May 2 - May 27, 2016
Finding Focus July 18 - August 12, 2016
"The Great Outdoors" October October 3 - October 28, 2016


Who is Eligible to Participate in Challenges?

  • Benefits eligible State and Non State employees who are enrolled in the State Employee Health Plan or who have waived coverage in the plan

  • Retirees and spouses who are enrolled in the medical portion State Employee Health Plan

Healthy Holidays Challenge
November 23rd, 2015 – January 1st, 2016

Healthy Holidays Challenge Flyer
Healthy Holidays Paper Tracker

Maintaining your personal wellness during the holiday season can be difficult. This challenge will encourage behaviors that support individual wellbeing by promoting healthy eating, regular physical activity, stress management, and a balanced consumption of treat foods and alcoholic/sugary beverages. These habits are supportive of celebrating a healthy holiday season!

How the Challenge Works:

Participants will earn 1 point per activity per day by completing the following activities:

  • Exercising 30 minutes or more 
  • Eating a healthy dinner
  • Limiting treat foods to 1 serving or less
  • Limiting alcoholic or sugary beverages to 1 or less
  • Sleeping 7 or more hours

Participants will earn 2 bonus points per week by completing the following activities:

  • Attitude of Gratitude Statement – writing down something I am thankful for
  • Weighing yourself

These bonus activities can be completed at any time during the week, but must be logged on Wednesdays.

How to Track Points:

Log your activity points on the portal at www.kansashealthquest.com via computer, tablet or smart phone with the NEW mobile-friendly design or use the paper tracker and enter online later. You will find the Challenge listed under the bulletin board on the lower right.

All activity points need to be entered on the HQ wellness portal by Friday, January 8th, 2016.