Developing a Health Reform Plan

During the summer of 2007, the Health Policy Authority Board conducted a listening tour to visit with Kansans about providing and protecting affordable health insurance, the prevention of illness before it starts, and taking personal responsibility for our health, as individuals and as communities.  During the fall, the KHPA Board, worked together to develop health reform options for the Governor and Legislature to consider during the 2008 Kansas Legislature.

As outlined by Senate Bill 11, among the many reform options that were studied, KHPA explored a health insurance connector which would create a marketplace where Kansans could shop from a selection of policies.  As each option was considered, an economic analysis was conducted to demonstrate the cost and impact on Kansans.   The approach to health reform was data-driven with thoughtful analysis and stakeholder input.  The Health Policy Authority followed a process outlined by Governor Sebelius and the Legislature to develop health reform options that invest in the future of Kansas.

On November 1, 2007, Marci Nielsen, Executive Director of the Kansas Health Policy Authority, presented to the Governor and Kansas Legislature health reform options aimed at improving the health and health care system in Kansas; the goals of these health reform options are to:

Provide and protect affordable health insurance for all Kansans in order to ensure appropriate access to health care;

Pay for prevention and a primary care medical home in order to improve health outcomes, coordinate care, and drive down health care costs;

Promote personal responsibility in order to embrace healthy behaviors and to contribute to the cost of health insurance, based on ability to pay.