Metropolitan Population - 2000

Metropolitan Population

Demographic Group: US Residents
Data Source: US Census Bureau American Factfinder
Numerator: Population that reside in a metropolitan area.
Denominator: Population of the geographic region.

Obtained from the 2000 US Census:

Unit: percentage
Notes: Data is for the year 2000.
Change Log: 3/26/2009
  • Source citing was removed from the chart image and placed in the footnotes.
  • Iowa state benchmark data was added to the data table and chart (represented in green).
  • Numerator and denominator data were added to the footnotes.
  • Population data information was added to the footnotes.
  • Colorado data was removed from the data table and chart.


  • A footer table was created consisting of demographic group, source citing, numerator, denominator, notes, and change log information.