The schedule for the first meeting of the DHCF Data Consortium to discuss use of the state’s health data (collection, analysis, dissemination) is as follows:

December 18, 2007 - 9am to 12pm

Ramada Inn - the Jefferson Room
420 SE 6th St.

Agenda |


DHCF hosted the first meeting of the Data Consortium in Topeka on Tuesday December 18, with the overriding theme of using the Consortium and DHCF ’s broad data responsibilities to advance health reform via data-driven policy. Of the 19 member organizations invited, 15 were present (in addition to DHCF ), along with other interested individuals from the public.

Presenters were Andy Allison, Marci Nielsen, Hareesh Mavoori (DHCF), Brian Huesers (KDHE), and Larry Pitman (KFMC). Members were presented with an overview of the role and statutory charge of DHCF in advancing health data policy, the development of the Data Consortium, other national and state health data initiatives, an overview of available data sources, overview of health reform initiatives being proposed this legislative session, plans for public reporting, the core task of the Data Consortium and next steps.

As its first major task, DHCF staff asked the Consortium to develop a set of recommended measures for health indicators in 4 of the 6 Vision Principles – namely:

1. Access to Care,
2. Quality & Efficiency,
3. Affordable, Sustainable Health Care, and
4. Health and Wellness.

These measures will ideally be reliable, valid, measurable at state and national levels to enable comparisons, and measured on a regular basis to monitor progress.

The first step in the health indicators process will be to identify the appropriate structure for the Consortium work and the role of each member. Members were asked to start thinking about the role they wish to play in the Consortium and ways in which they could help with the workload and staffing responsibilities.