Overview of KHPA Advisory Councils

Health for All Kansans Steering Committee

Earlier in 2007, the Health Policy Authority Board was asked by Governor Kathleen Sebelius to form a task force to address ways to provide health for all Kansans. In response to this request, the Board formed the Health for All Kansans Steering Committee, comprised of Board members and legislators. The goal of the Steering Committee was to build a consensus between Board members and legislators around health reform options the Legislature would consider.

On November 1, 2007, the KHPA Board presented to the Governor and Kansas Legislature health reform options aimed at improving the health and health care system in Kansas; the goals of these health reform options are to:

Provide and protect affordable health insurance for all Kansans in order to ensure appropriate access to health care

Pay for prevention and a primary care medical home in order to improve health outcomes, coordinate care, and drive down health care costs

Promote personal responsibility in order to embrace healthy behaviors and to contribute to the cost of health insurance, based on ability to pay

Health Policy Advisory Councils

The four Health Policy advisory councils listed below help the KHPA Board with development of the agency's annual Coordinated Health Policy Agenda. A description of their role can be found in the Advisory Councils Charter.

Consumers Advisory Council |
Purchasers Advisory Council |
Providers Advisory Council |
At-Large Advisory Council